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Upcoming events

    • 9 Oct 2022
    • 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM
    • Yoder
    More information is available on the PCA national site at Autocross and Autocross Defined.

    • Online registration is required.
      Registration will open approximately two weeks before the event.
    • Events will be limited to 30 participants.
      Anyone may sign-up when registration opens, but PCA members will be given priority until Wednesday prior to the event.
    • The entry fee is $10 for PCA members and $20 for non-members.
    • Please let us know if you have registered but will not be able to attend.
    • If there are fewer than 12 registered drivers by midnight Wednesday prior to the event, the event may be canceled.
    • Online registration will close at midnight Friday before the event.


    The only exception will be if you have never autocrossed before and you come out to watch and you realize this is just way to much fun to put off any longer. Then we'll let you run.

    "Our cars are meant to be driven, not polished." - Dr. Ferry Porsche

    Cancellation Policy

    • While autocross is an all weather sport, we are doing this for fun. Standing in a downpour and hiding from lightning is not fun. We reserve the right to cancel the event based on weather predictions. If light rain or clearing is predicted, we will probably still have the event. Driving in the wet can be fun.
    • Check your email before leaving for Road Yoder. Especially if rain is predicted.


    • Bring a lunch.
    • LOANER HELMETS - we only have two. On medium and one large.
      We highly recommend you buy one. They're cheap. Check the local motorcycle shops.
      Open face is okay although some prefer a closed face helmet for convertibles.
      Must have SNELL 2015 or 2010 rating. D.O.T. only is not acceptable.
    • We have a portable toilet on site.

    Now the fun part!

    Course setup. Okay, this may not be the most fun part.

    Registration. Everyone must sign our Insurance Waiver. Let us know if minors will be attending.
    8:30 am
    Arrive to walk the course and get cars inspected and finish setup.
    9:00 am The very latest you should arrive to allow time for a Tech Inspection of your car and to walk the course.
    9:30 am Drivers Meeting. Heat 1 drivers should have their car in grid before the drivers meeting.
    10:00 am
    Heat 1 parade lap(s) and runs. Instructors will run in heat 1. Here's the really fun part!

    Heat 2 parade lap(s) and runs. Drivers requesting instruction will run in heat 2. And more fun!
    Break for lunch (don't forget to bring one). Change start and finish to reverse direction of course and review.

    Heat 1 parade lap(s) and runs.

    Heat 2 parade lap(s) and runs.

    Stack cones, load in truck, pack up and leave.

    Tech Inspection

    • Check brakes
    • Check tires, wheels and bearings
    • Check seat belts
    • Check throttle return spring
    • Check for loose items in car and trunk
    • Check that battery is secure
    • Check helmet
    • Mark vehicle

    Full PCA Tech Inspection Rules

    Walk the Course

    This is where we learn the course. Identify areas where acceleration will be maximized. Slow entering these areas. Late apex.

    It is important to practically memorize the course. Because we emphasize learning, we will also do a slow parade lap, maybe two, to make sure you know the course.

    Driver's Safety Meeting

    • Check that everyone has signed the waiver and point out the insurance certificate
      • The insurance does not cover your car – more info is in the binder
    • Safety is our primary concern
    • Drive SLOWLY through grid and paddock
      • 5 mph and no tire warming
    • If you spin, both feet in.
      • Spinning is the primary risk at an autocross
      • The course is designed for some run-off area
      • If you try to recover, you will not stay in the run-off area
      • Brake to stop the car and clutch to not stop the engine
    • Remind starter to check belts and helmet strap
    • Corner workers
      • Hold the radio 12” away
      • no cameras, phones or sitting
      • remain alert - do not turn your back on moving cars
      • watch the cones emerge behind the car and reposition cones that wobble
      • for small events, take your time with the cones
    • Cone penalty 2 seconds
      • tipped over or out of the box
      • pointer cones do not count, only upright cones
      • all cones on course count, even before and after the timer
    • If you see a cone down while driving, stop and point it out or you will get the penalty
      • Also stop if you see anything unsafe (worker in your way)
      • You will get a re-run
    • Red flag instructions
      • Corner workers - use the red flag to stop cars on course
      • animal crossing the course or a tractor pulling hay bales
      • corner worker who has not safely cleared the course
      • any unsafe condition requiring the cars to stop
      • Hold the flag and do not roll it up
      • Drivers come to a full stop
      • Proceed off course safely at a reasonable speed
      • Drivers will get a re-run
    • No alcohol
    • Only drivers and approved instructors are allowed in cars
    • Find a volunteer to submit the observers report

    Emergency Plan

    Hutchinson Hospital/Reno County EMS, 620-665-2120
    Haven Community EMS, 620-465-3618
    Reno County Sheriff, 620-694-2735

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